Sunday, 8 July 2007


Hello! Just a blog of my travels so far for anyone who cares to Read.

We'll start from the start. The 40 hours of travelling (Melb-Auck-LA-NY-Maine) was pretty tiring, and I'd also been partying and going out a bit too much before I left, so my first few days in this country were fairly tiring, and adapting to the culture shock, this place is more different then you think. Also my camp is very conservative, SO not me, but I'm enjoying it, I feel it will be character building.

Part 2-

Alot of Americans think I am English, it is hilarious.

Part 6- Portland, Maine.

We checked out the capital of Maine, Old Portland ( Yep, its a port) and the MALL. Portland has a cute feel, cobblestone roads, nice shops, smelly ports and lots of boats. The boat ride to some island was very relaxing, although it turns out I get sea sick.

The Mall was fun, I could have spent a small fortune. It too has the American smell. I was horrified ( Clare this is for you) that the Myer basement smell ACTUALLY is the Abercrombie and Fitch scent, I feel we must be the copiers here. There's about a million department stores here

Part 7- Last night was the counsellor party. Free Icecream provided. It followed the Camper talent show, "OGNOG" ( Yep it's that camp speak again). At the concert it all started to click, the whole camp thing started to make sense. Me being a sucker for entertainment was totatlly won over and moreso starting to feel a part of it all more than ever. Awwwwww... Cheesy moment.

So at said party, once we got over the fact that we had to dance without being booze fueled ( Ice cream was provided), it was actually quite fun. Highlight of the night would have to be when Land Down Under came on ( As requested by fellow Aussie bunk buddie Kay) and all us six Australians went nuts, yelling about and in the end we had New Zealands claiming to be Australian and americans/ british singing along. Fuck Yeah!!

I'll update this later. Cheers.

Part 8- Camp Life. 7th of July, 2007.

What can I say, its pretty chilled. The head of my department is an awesome New Yorker, she's an ecentric theatre type, and she's pretty relaxed about designs and standards, so we can pretty much get away with whatever we want. I am responsible for Peter Pan, Bells are Ringing and The Sound of Music. Working in the Theatre as a Costumer is pretty rad, i'll have to put in some long hours to get all the kids (175~) in costumes, but as apposed to other departments, I'm not responsible for a bunk/night duties etc.. so I have it pretty good.

The kids are cute, the little ones anyway. They come up to give you hugs and shout your name, tell you you've got pretty hair what have you ( Me with my dyed hair is a bit exciting for brown haired Jewish Girls). The older ones have attitude, most are cool but. You'd think after doing all the FreeZa stuff the older ones would be easier but no the littles are far more agreeable to costumes.

Another thing I have to mention is cheers. There is least 100 songs written specifically for this camp and they all know them. The younger ones have songs/cheers/handclap action sorta things they do at the table at meal times, it's pretty much planned mayhem. It has to be seen to be understood. Good tools to understand camp also would be watching High School Musical and know that Crocs are somehow cool here. With Jibbitz. Google it. Another trend is rolling down the waistband of trackpants (sweatpants if you will), alot of stuff in sports shops is pre-rolled.

My bunk must be mentioned. I feel much less homesick with the bunch of rad girls I am living with. Louise from Scotland is possibly the funniest girl I've ever met, fuckin hilar plus accent equals good times. Catherine from South Africa is an awesome person I'm sure I was meant to meet, you find your own kind wherever you are and we have our little cynicism and sarcasm moments. That and throw in the random South Africa stories about her wildlife biosphere park and running scared with an impala carcus on her back. Pretty crazy shit. Got another fellow Aussie Kay, tops chick and we have aussie flags up, ha ha so Bogan. Then there's Ashley from Florida, for our US educational requirements who's good value too.

Well thats it for part 8, I will update further!!

Part 9- Leaving camp tomorrow. I am hella tired, sad to leave camp, nervous/excited to travel and have to get up in 4 hours!! Thanks for all the love and MAIL!!! Some pics that probably won't make much sense are on facebook.

Intinery is as follows- Boston till the 12th, the to New York to the 15th, Then Miami/Orlando till the 21st, leave the crew and head to San fran then undecided plans in California. Ah it is actually happening!!!

Part 9- Boston

Went to Boston, have to say the highlight was seeing Davey Havok @ the airport, too bad I didn't talk to him, although he didn't look like he was in a good mood, and I was in shock for about 2 minutes after he was HALF A METRE away from me. Boston is pretty and historic. Went to Harvard, Salem and Cheers. So so. I also discovered Urban outfitters there. Lame name, awesome shop. I already need another suitcase, playing the 'what can I throw out' game is regular activity.


I'm in NYC at the moment, went to Staten Island yesterday and saw Little Miss Statue of Liberty, its not that big. Still cool but. Went to Times Square, the big train station on 42nd street whose name I temporarily forgotten. I'm off on an adventure to well, I haven't decided yet. Peace.

Part 10-

New York was fucking awesome. Insane crazy town, so much to do and see I don't know where to start. Did alot of tourist things, 5th Ave, Rockafeller Centre- The view from 83 floors up is amazing, Went to MoMA, The Guggenheim and the Met, The Met is massive but lots to see, Moma was awesome apart from to many unappreciative tourists, and the Guggenheim was thought provoking and confirms the whole design is the new art/architecture is god/ your relationship with the space, was very a engaging gallery.

Went to 5th ave, saw Nicole Ritchie and Joel Madden walk straight past me, and no, she did not look pregnant. Central Park is pretty, quite amazing you can loose the view of this massive city in there.

All I can say about New York ( stealing your words from last year Clare) That New York is a living character, everyone has a story , (apart from the RUDE CUNTS @ LaGuardia Airport) theres alot of really friendly people that are so quick to offer help when you're looking bewildered at your map or struggling with the 63 pound suitcase you're trying to get down the subway stairs.

So all in all I love New York.

Day 2 in Miami, beaches and Booze, and everyone speaks Spanish, I wish I knew more. America is so diverse , I've seen 3 extremes in the space of a week.

Part 11-

To steal Louise's words, 'Miami does things differently'

It's.. different. Very nice, and warm. (This is for Mel)- Saw Miami Ink and went to the club LoveHate, which is owned by two of them, one of which was there, everyone was getting photo's.

Part 12-17.

Finally home just thought I'd go through the rest of the trip.

SAN FRAN- Was awesome, had my Belgian buddy Laurent. San Francisco is just one of those cool places to be, it has an indesribeable atmosphere and trendy/hipster types, and its the 'City by the bay' and there's alot to see. Went to pier 39 , Golden Gate bridge and got smashed at this cool bar Laurent found, met lots of interesting locals. West coast is a bit more laid back.

Next day we went to Sacramento. 30 miles out to Marysville, which was really 10 miles out in some rose... town. Went to the 1st warped show I saw, it was 100/37 degrees, thats where the tanning starting. Was an awesome day though.

Saturday, 16 June 2007


First American bolg. I feel like a bit of a fool seeing as I'm in a communal area. Oh well. Starting to get over the jetlag. Wall Mart was exciting. I could elaborate.

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Leaving on a jet plane..

I leave tomorrow.
No I'm not scared or excited. Just calm. And finally packed.
I should give this blog some action in the US.

Monday, 28 May 2007

Good Week

It's been a while
Probably because I don't feel like complaining anymore.
This week has been good. Simone has been down, we saw some bands, had a few drinks, I could go into the nights but no need, all I need to say is I'm digging myself out of the hole I fell in to. I am leaving in 17 days, It's weird to think I might order something for a customer at work and not be there when it comes in.
Who knows whats going to change in 3 months?

Wednesday, 9 May 2007


I'm going to Maine!!!
Finally got a placement, I will be a costumer there, seing as its on the border it looks like I'll be going to Canada as well. For a 20 minutes after the lady rang me I felt like old me again, excited and ambitous. Bring on America!!

Oh yes I need to add more to the list

Visit a Castle in Germany
Get Knighted- For something like contribution to Australian Culture and Indentity.
Grow REALLY long hair. And miraculously thick as well.

Monday, 7 May 2007


isn't much different from 21. Wasn't that greatest of days, my siblings keep on treating me like crap, I thought maybe one day they wouldn't but know. But enough whinging, I just thought I'd write a list of things I'd like to do in my lifetime, seeing as I'm getting Old

Learn How to play Chess

Learn how to play tennis

Get a Medal in Ballroom dancing

Have babies and all that jazz

See Europe

Visit every state and Territory of Australia.

Work on a Tv Show

Tour with a festival

Be a Brand Manager of some labels

Have a holiday place with Chelsea

Name my kid after a jemstone... Ha ha

Live somewhere that you can catch trams in in MelBurn

Meet my dream man... Ha ha

Run a workplace, and have optional nap time. And hat wearing days

Be a bride,,,smaid. Fuck marriage.. Not yet anyway.

Graduate!!! Ha I already can. This will happen.

Go to a plaster fun house again

Have killer kids parties for my own.

anything Else I will add later.

Happy Birthday Me.

Sunday, 6 May 2007

Growing up

As my life continues further to implode, I realise more than ever that I need my friends, and I'm burning them by being the shit person I am write now.
Yet again I lost my phone, bag was stolen this time. I feel so high maintence, and I feel like I'm losing everything.
I shouldn't complain, stealing is shit but It happens, I'm not dying. I've had enough of falling of the top of the world I thought I was one, I've just gotta climb back up there, make a proper shot of being the person I want to be, not the person I once was, thats gone, but better, stronger, wiser I spose. Who I've been hates who I am. That's going to change as a 22 year old.
I feel that I have less and less to leave behind when I go away, no-ones going to miss me how I am. I don't have to stay stuck in this trap forever though. I hope.

Friday, 4 May 2007


Yet another whinging post. I feel like screaming. I cried again at work, I wanted to tell all my co-workers and apologise, say, NO really, I'm not like this, I didn't cry this much at my old work, the old Eloise wouldn't deal with it this way, I promise, don't think I'm pathetic, Really!!!
I don't want to be this sook with a chip on her shoulder about the person I used to be and how miserable I am and blah blah, but seriously, this year is just not getting better. I have no life except for work, where I thought I was valued,so now that has turned to shit when the manager went on holidays, so there's really not much left to my life right now.
It all started when a customer came in who I recognised, she had a Pakenham look about her, but I just gave her a smile. She then asked how my boyfriend was. Wtf?? Who was this woman? What boyfriend? Turns out it was Stuart's bosses wife, I can't believe I forgot. SO I say, Ah, no, he dumped me in January. I vaguely remember Stuart saying this lady was 'Very Sad' when she heard we broke up. AHH!!! More lies and full-of-shitness! Why!! So that rattled me.
And then....
The rosters come back, only to find that the new girl, nice as she is and all, has been given 30 hours and week and I've been cut back to 20. What the fuck once again?
I quickly become irate, I mean what the fuck I've worked there 6 months, is there no loyalty?
I could go into a million reasons why this happened, but the truth is I don't fuck know. Where is the love I ask?

Monday, 30 April 2007


Its been a while since I've been here so I thought I'd give it a shot. I'm really starting to doubt that 2007 is my year. I just can't win! The wisdom tooth thing went horribly. Well, it went fine, no damaged nerves or death from anesthetic, but the days following I did anything but recover. I just kept getting worse and in the end wanted to go back to the hospital. Turns out I had an infection, I my body was overdosed on paracetmol. Fun times, I was even sicker than the wedding/alcohol poisoning weekend.

But I'm on the mend now, and have had much time to reflect. On whats happening now and what I used to do. I'm getting used to this non uni lifestyle, its insane, you finish work and then you go home. And thats it, about 5 hours till you go to bed, and you can do WHATEVER YOU WANT. I could get used to this. Haven;t really got used to having money because its all going on my trip, bills and birthday presents, but I guess thats a good thing, so If I do go back to studying it won't be such a shock. My friends are sick of hearing it, but yes, I still don't understand how I can be this busy superwoman with no spare time, to having an abundance of spare time and less stress, and a relationship crumbling at the quiet point in my life, not the busy times. Just for clarification, the crumble didn't cause the quiet.

But I'm enjoying the quiet. I am loving work, best job I've ever had, though I'm a bit worried I need to do a bit of shift swapping this week, I won't be in the good books. They hired a new chick in the week I was away sick, I hope I don't lose any shifts, I'm getting used to a job we're I'm valued and not dispenable. I still feel that guilt that I'm not achiecing anything and I'm standing static, but I must remind myself that I'm having a rest, I've done alot more than alot of people my age and this year isn't all bad, if it all works out I'll be in the states for 3 months, come home with a nice debt though. Oh well, you only live once.

I want to be more optimistic, have hope for what is coming, but I don't know what is so its hard. I've plenty to look forward to, if only I had more cash to enjoy it, But hey, money's not everything. But Aprils nearly over, bring on May, its looking go so far. Birthday, Simone, Alexis, The Used. Then June Brings America. Yay for 2007.

Tuesday, 17 April 2007


4 days till Adams Party.
7 days till I get my wisdom teeth out and Adams Birthday.
8 Days till Jackies Birthday.
20 Days till My birthday.
34 Days till Simone comes back.
36 days till Alexisonfire.
39 days till the Used.
XX days till I leave this country.

Monday, 9 April 2007

April Update.

WELL..... What is news?
We came second in the finals. Which is awesome. And we had moved up a division now! Hell yeah getting somewhere in the Cranbourne Ladies Monday nights..
Also, everything still tastes like Milk. I don't know what I do, I could eat curry or a banana, 20 minutes later I feel like I've drunk milk.
I've FINALLY stopped crying everyday, I think the turning point was at work ( Bad place) and the guy least likely to be nice was doing just that, so it cheered me up.
Still on the America posssibly more plan, but I have saved jack shit. So better knuckle down.
Saw New Found Glory last night, I wish I was a reviewer, that would be the best job, I don't want to do anything but see bands at the moment. I was about 1 metre away from being able to touch Jordan, fucking awesome.
The rest of the night picking up the boys from the city was pretty funny, turns out guys have bitch fights as well.

Saturday, 24 March 2007

Leave of Absinth

I finally made up my mind. Leave of Absence. No, I'm not leaving. Definately not done with my studying days. I actually want to go back. The minute I decided ( with the help of PA), I felt such a sense of relief, like this grey cloud hovering just disappeared. I know its the right decison. And I'm excited about it. A year off to get my head together. To get out of this country. To finish work and have a weekend and not think about homework. I'm really excited about the prospect of going back refreshed and hopefully more mature. It sucks I can't do 4th year with Anni and Clare, but there will be Em, and a new bunch of kids to get to know. And I would have brought the mood down, and wouldn't have been much fun.

Friday, 16 March 2007

Life Plan??

So when are you meant to know what you are doing with your life? When is it meant to come to you? I thought I had it all worked out, but my lack of desire to continue with Fashion is killing me. Its only one year, I'm sure it will benefit me, but I just can't decide wether I want to do it or not. That burning passion I used to have is just not there. I have no collection Ideas. I don't know where I'm going to do a placement. I'm thinking too much and its hurting my brain. AH!! So there are pluses and minuses for both sides. Right now I can't be bothered doing much. I was expecting inspiration to just slap me in the face. Ha ha ha. I just feel like I'm giving up if I leave now. I've got the degree, half of the year level left, why can't I? I want to be one of those people with direction. I think I that I used to be one of those people. I used to pity people like me. I feel like such a loser and so damn INDECISIVE. If I stay at Uni I don't want to bring the team down. But if I leave I will never know what could have been and will probably regret it. I don't know if I have the discipline. I'm not sure what I'm about anymore and its horrible.

Sunday, 11 March 2007

March is...

What is news?
I really can't be bothered going to uni. It takes so much passion and drive to be there, and I just don't feel like I have it in me right now. Contemplating working at JB a bit more and then leave this country for a bit., I need some adventure.

Other news. Jake, Adam, Daniel and I all got tonsilitus within a week of each other. Weird.

My brother is famous. Everywhere I go, be it clubs he is WAY to young to get into or my mates parties, everyone asks for him.

March Band madness has been good, Unwritten Law were FUCKING AWESOME, was pretty cool having our guest tickets, thanks Shock! +44, so so. Not sure what was with the cover that NO-ONE knew. Mark was cool, he knew it. No Travis sucked. But Unwritten Law clearly outshone them, and Scotts pants were far too low for male enjoyment.
Fall Out Boy were Great, wait thats not a good word, lets say Brilliant, I want more, I wish I saw them in Sydney. I have swollen tonsils/thraot region as a result of yelling so much, possibly at Pete Wentz, what a show pony! But we all loved it.
I'm sure Strike Anyhwere were great last night, but tonsiltus kept me from finding out. Ah well, they'll be back.

Thats about it.

Wait, Fashion week. For a 4th year I didn't really show much interest. Probably because the festival didn't hire me. But I heard that in one show, apart from being disorganised, one models outfit came undone and her shoe fell off. Hahaha i surely hope that wouldn;t have happened with me. The business seminar was interesting, though I did fall asleep in parts.

Oh yeah, Turns out full time uni, going out most nights and working 30 hours a week is kinda tiring.

Sunday, 4 March 2007


Best night last night. Feeling better about everything.
This bad mood is finally gone. Better things are coming my way. I still miss him and am hurt that I wasn't enough for someone. But it doesn't matter anymore. Why be with someone that does believe in you? Your partner is meant to be your biggest fan. It seems so odd, I thought everyone loved me. That sounds so vain. But its a two way street, I love everyone back. How on earth did I end up with the one guy that didn't?

I was talking forgot that, believe it or not, people may actually be interested in ME. My lecturer was telling me about how he saw all our myspaces (!@#$!), and how mine was 'The Eloise we all know and love'. I was in such a hole I forgot that people still think I'm alright.
A drunken night must have been just what I needed. For the second night a row, was sitting at home planning a quiet night, and Son invited me out.
I must have got drunk, because when someone asked me my name I took me about 5 seconds to answer. I was like, wait... you know this one.. Dan was discussing our mutual friend, and I said, she thinks I'm greater than I really am. 'I'm not the great'. Dan said, 'Oh, but you are'. He was probably joking, but still, twas nice to hear.

Also, I LOVE friendly people. I saw Simone's friend Gerald, had a great chat, only to discover that it was actually his BROTHER!! He was so nice though
So yes, no

Thursday, 1 March 2007

Fresh start March

I've decided to write January and February off. Oh, probably the later half of last year as well. This year hasn't been great, but starting from today it will be. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Say hello to good times.

A good time to reflect on what I've learnt ( Don't waste your time getting attatched to someone that doesn't care about you, don't risk your friendships for someone who doesn't do the same for you, NEVER doubt yourself, or be with those who do)
Goodtime to just let go, write off the last few months as a big learning kerb, geeze, what a waste of time that was. Too many months of people asking me what was wrong, that I'm not myself and look pre-occupied. Its all about ME now.

Fresh start March begins with going back to Uni. I'm still scared people are going to notice I'm not the same Eloise. Oh, but I'll be back. I feel myself more every day. The hurt of being cut out still bothers me, but I spose he's the one with problems, his way of dealing with the loss of ME!

Who'd have thought my sister had the best advice out of anyone? She's been her all along, I wish I listened to her sooner.

Fresh start March is celebrated tonight with +44 and Unwritten Law. Many thanks to the Shock Rep for that one. Then off to Uni to start class for 4TH YEAR!!! Be the next Toni Maticeviski or something. This year is gonna be great.

Thursday, 22 February 2007

Weekly Update.

I seem to only write these things when I'm hungover. I wasn't meant to have a big night. Thanks to Jake and his shots. And the JECA crew. Good times with good friends.
I got my timetable today, one day a week. Which means 26 more days EVER that I have to go to uni. I'm sure I'll go in there more often than that, but still, its a cool thought.
On a mission today to make cupcakes, its probably too hot though.

What else is news.. Brisvegas holiday in April. Seeing New Found Glory twice, possibly a 3rd time with my brother. Thats pretty keen. We lost at netball. I was really disappointed, before when we sucked it didn't matter, but now we're on a roll. We played a good match though. Finals very soon. Speaking to Stu for 2 hours really isn't cool. I didn't want to re-open old wounds, but now they will heal properly. I think I'm going to have to hate him before we can be friends. Hate's a pretty strong word, I don't think I hate anyone really. I need an arch rival. Actually I think I had one for a while. She knows who she is. She hated me and so I made the feelings mutual. I didn't really hate her though, I think she was just jealous. And she hates everyone.

Saw Notes on a Scandal. Aside from the scandal, Judi Dench's character reminded me of someone I'd rather not remember. How can people get perceptions so wrong, see feelings that are not there, just because they feel them themselves? And to mess with peoples heads like that? My ban on mental illness still remains. Treat people they way you wish to be treated.

I can't wait to catch up with everyone at uni, but I don't really have any stories from the holidays to tell. I don't feel rested. I'm not fresh with new ideas. I'm still pretty down. Maybe some crazy guest lecturer will tell us some crazy story about pots that didn't exist and change my perspective a little. I need someone to shake some sense in to me.

One day when I'm in a good mood I'm going to write here.

Thursday, 15 February 2007

4th Year.

Ah. Back to Uni in 10 days. What am I doing. This year is optional. I've got the damn degree. I could get a job. I keep thinking it will be good for me, change specialisations, a new challenge, learn some discipline, start learing some organisation skills finally. But I don't have to!!! Ah, still feeling pretty crushed, its a bit hard to have faith in myself right now. This isn't good. What the hell I am going to do? Re-invent the wheel? I need to have some faith in myself. I wish I was religious. I don't want to go for a bit then drop out. But I'm really not sure if I have a years worth of 4th year collections in me. I want to work more broadly than fashion. AH!!! What to do. My best friends are going to Italy, and I think I won't be able to afford it, but I probably could. Fuck Uni, I want to go to Italy! I can just see it now, in July, my 4 closest friends all in different states and continents. I will go crazy. I need confirmation, if only from myself, that I'm doing the right thing.

Valentines Day..

Was pretty crappy in the end. About a month ago the girls at work gave me shit because I hadn't thought about what I was getting. That'll teach me to think ahead.
I got all dressed up in red, to find no-one else did as promised (But I do wear red every second day so I spose thats ok) and gave everyone my little heart chocolates.
I get home, knowing there's more chocolates there, to find my brother had eaten them all. Out of all the food in the house, he decided that was what he needed. A tray of handmade chocolates that took me forever to make.
Decide to go see Chloe, as she is now single as well. Turns out she's not, and gets love messages from her guy.
Happy Valentines Day.

Friday, 9 February 2007

Next + Phones + Eloise

So I lost another phone at Next. I should just not bother taking them.
First night out in a long time. In the same situation as last time I lost the phone, I was a tad emotional to start with, so when I realised that it was gone and also realised Swing Life Away was playing I cried yet again at Next. Really not doing much for the Emo stereotype of the place with that move. I had a half arse look on the ground and came home with black knees as a result. Thankyou to anyone who spent time with me last night, you know who you are.

I am seriously starting to think I am alcoholic. Back in the day when there was alot more of me, I could SERIOUSLY down the booze, but I can't anymore. This and the 1st wedding, and feeling like I had appendicitis after the work party are possibly indications.
I had to get Briony to pull over on the way home to throw up. It was a really interesting vomit, instead of your usual porridge like, yellow tinged chuck, it was literally what I had JUST eaten (Apple, tomato from Bri's deli choice wrap, cereal), Just in smaller pieces, still vividly coloured.

So I decided that possibly I MAY need to grow up some when my Mum told me I 'probably shouldn't drink so much' and she usually loves my drunken Shenanigans.

Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Timetable twins

I met my timetable twin today.
He's this guy I see nearly everyday at Uni, at the Train station, at RMIT, on the way home, every day I go to Uni. It's like we're stalking each other. I tend to freak people out because I have a good memory for faces, and clothes, and always remember people and tell them so and they usually don't remember me, and I freak them out .It's generally when I'm out, drunk, that I do this, so that could possibly have something to do with it.
And we've never spoken to each other. There's always a bit of stare action though. So I asked if he went to Rmit, turns out he studies design as well and I'm 'The girl on the train'. Because he got a giftcard I had to get his name, so probably freaked the kid out.

Holy Crap! I'm in 4th Year

AH!!! So in all the comotion I forgot that I am going back to uni in 20 days.
Just quietly, I'm starting to panic. I'm changing specialisations from exploratory to applied, and it's a bit of a concern. Of all my friends that stayed on, they are in exploratory, which sucks for me. I can hear my Mum telling me 'It doesn't matter what your friends do, you're there to learn' But our class last year was awesome and I know I'm not the only one who thought that. Plus we had cake days. So like last year, do I go back on my decision? Because Ex. was awesome last year. Is there a place for social commentry in Mens Fashion in a commercialy viable environment? I need answers!!! Ah! What happened to me? Where did all my ambition and personality go? I decided that this year from now on is going to be awesome. My netball team will make the finals, hopefully the grand finals, there's only one team we can't beat and they did some dodgy player swaps. And I graduate!!! And I have a WAY better job now so I'm not going crazy. I think I need a new hobby. Yes, that's it. Maybe Tennis. I like the skirts.

Monday, 5 February 2007

Man that blog below is really lame, but I think only Simone reads this so that's ok.
It sucks that she's gone, I can't just drive over. It's about 2 days drive. My car wouldn't make it. I have to buy new tyres this week, that's going to be the most money I've ever spent on my car so I can't really complain.
Missing people sucks. I can't wait to come visit Simone. But missing other people sucks because I can't do anything about that. It's just really weird, I go through the routine, finish work, get out my phone, then stop, Wait, I can't call you, that's right, we broke up. It's just really hard to break habits.
Got told today I had nice calves, then would I like to go to the beach. Sorry mate, don't shit where I eat to put it nicely. Nice calves. Who knew.

Thursday, 1 February 2007

Hello new blog!!!