Friday, 27 March 2009

Soundwave Parts B-D

Ok so Soundwave was a month ago, but I'll bring you up to speed.

I wake up in Brisbane with a might hangover, Ok so I might be a bit drunk.
Go to that Mall that is all the go and have a sit down. An hour might have past I couldn't tell you.
I finally get up, and decide to check out whats beyond this giant river surrounding the town. BIG Bridge later I discover Southbank, which houses alot of Tourists/Museums and Uni's. ( Oh I Brisbane buildings are rad, very colonial.)

Go check out the Feach ( Fake/ Faux Beach- A term I picked up from my American kids), who builds a fake beach with real sand I do not know.
Go check out the Gallery of Modern Art, was too hungover in the feach to give this much time or See the classic art gallery. This sucks balls as GoMA was actually amazing. Such a good modern art space, nothing like Acca in Melbs, the average punter could get the art here. And had some cool people showing, like Del Kathryn Barton and Patricia Piccinnini. Rad. And they had signs for kids, and kids eye level, that explained the art in kids terms. My hungover brain finds these more helpfull. Also must note that there's a contemporary aborignal section, not dot paintings but actual contemporary art, made by people of Aboriginal decent. Take note again Victoria!

So I get off to the hostel, and bid Brisbane farewell. It's around this time that epic hangover just turns into general tiredness. WAHH!!!

Go see Bayside Sideshow.
Was a decent night. Went with my Jagoe sibling buddies and their love for Andrew McMahon was infectious. Bayside only played five songs, but that included Duality and a NOFX cover, always good times with these guys.
Jacks Mannequin = Really good, and we were mega close. FTSK got the crowd going. Red jumpsuit were ok, NFG were in the crowd.
Left mid set to get sleep for the next big day, see Jordan from New Found Glory (surrounded by groupies/skanks) and say hi and I'll see you tomorrow, like we are mates from way back. Jordan gives me the thumbs up.
I nearly died!!!

Part D

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Online shopping

Before I update my soundwave rambles, just thought I'd share an experience.
I recently bought a necklace with a REALLY rude pendant, and got it in the wrong colour. Not a massive drama, but here is said correspondance.

waa...woops sorry i post 2 out that day i must mixed it up. sorry.
1)you can post it back and i'll swap it over and post it back.
2)paint it white
3)leave it red and imagine its white!.
4)do none and roll with the red one.its up to you

I was less annoyed after reading this. What a funny guy!
When I finally got the write colour, the dude informed me he got demoted from Employee of the month. It's nice to know there's quirky folk out there!

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Sound Week. Part A- Brisbane

Where do I start.
Brisbane was fucking rad. I will try to give a run-down.

Friday- Leave the house with plenty of time to spare, decide that yes I do need new outfit for Bris-vegas soundwave. Stop in and get the Schwipe dress, just make check in.. Whoops. Didn't have my own camera.. Sigh.

Land in Brisbane. Eff me it's hot! Like Rockhampton all over again, but this time, no weird stares from country bumpkins, just one BIG airport. It's raining, sigh.
Take the airtrain to the city, Queensland is looking rather lush compared to grassy Victoria. Applaud airtrain, gets me there in no time.

Find my hostel, is DIRECTLY opposite the train station. Isn't as dingy as I imagined, it was acutally kinda cool. Find my floor, cbf with the old lift and decide to walk four floors. Bad Choice. 20 mins until NFG signing, power get ready.
Meet the New Found Glory boys, turn into a bit of an overexcited fan and say nothing much. Cyrus was definately the most friend, Ian was not, who would have thought??

Come back, check out what Bris-Vegas has to offer. This town is definately cool, see some trendy shops, don't have money so I just look. Get some shitty pasta and venture to the hostel bar. Down some local beer ( You Queenslanders and your big beers), meet some Irish Randoms who had a creepy friend. I get home and sleep.

Simone rolls in in no time, show her the room and we go for Breakfast, good old Maccas. See a douche in a woven short sleeve shirt in a hideous print and sidewards hat, Simone and I both note, This guy looks like a wanker. (Take note for later).
Go home to hostel to get pretty. Eloise hogs Mirror and Simone laughs about how I haven't changed.
Start to go to festival, on the bus, traffic is a bitch, should have just walked. Find out LTJ might not play, dang. Line is about 3 km long. I swear. But we get in in no time at all, the whole thing is really organised. Top work Brisbane!

Check the last of Mike Herrera's set, he busts out Chick Magnet. This pattern of hearing the hit song carries on throughout the day. We head to the booze area, are a little distraught to find out that everything is Mid Strength. Eloise gets on the XXXX gold. When in Rome, do as the Romans do... Continue drinking, Saves the Day come on and bust out At Your Funeral. I have been flogging this song of late and get pretty excited. Leave Simone to see LTJ, which due to flight delays did not play. Dang.

Catch the end of Saves the Day, part ways again, Catch Goldfinger playing Superman and end with 99 Red Balloons. It fucking rocked and the crowd, including I was loving it and to top it off they play an outro to march out to. So cool! I meandered of over to stage 6, which was in a full garden, I swear, felt like a Mid Summers nights dream or something similar. Half an hour later Jack's Mannequin starts, crowd swoons over Andrew. I only just got one of his albums, but hey, this guy is decent, and gets the crowd going straight away.

I leave mid set, while looking for Simone check out Forever the Sickest kids. I know realise the wanker from Macca's is the lead singer. LOL massively, and find Simone. LTJ did not do a signing. This is a bit piss poor, but I love them so all is forgiven. See the last of Silversteins set, Shane has gotten MUCH better vocally, nice work my Canadian friends. We then headed back to the main stage.

At this point its getting pretty full, Brisbane does a good festival. I found the peeps a whole lot more laid back, not so cliqey/sceney, everyone just wants to have a good time. We sit down to watch Anberlin from the Grandstands, tres tired feet, discuss the higher bogan ratio in Brisbane V. Melbourne. We also notice lots of Tattoos, and lots of ways to show them off. (I'm talking about you backless Tshirt guy).

Bump into some Fellow Victorians, then go see Hellogoodbye. I've always considered them a novelty act, but after this I can think anything but. These guys are actually really good musicians, who put on a great show. We declare them festival highlight so far.
I can't remember what happened/ I didn;t take pictures to jog my memory for the next two hours, but it did involve Funeral for Friend, dinner, and seeing the lovely Shane and Steph. Man Shane, you are everywhere.

Simone and I part ways again, she decides New Found Glory and I Say Anything. Tough, but hey, I've got Melbourne next week coming. Most ancious wait for a band in a long time, you can feel the tension in the air, it's their first EVER Australian performance. The band starts with Alive with the Glory of Love, the crowd knows all the words. I can't put into words how good they were, I haven't had a live music experience like that in a long time, it was just beyond works. They fucking killed it.

Find Simone, seeing Emery. I don't bother, they sucked when I saw them support Motion City Soundtrack at the Hi Fi. This possibly offends her. I go get some Nin/ Beer action and meet up with a high school friend. Random! Simone and I meet up again for Bayside. She's not to into them but I am gluuuuuuued to Anthony Raneri.

The boys play a good set, its just surreal hearing Anthony's voice again, its been about 18 months since I last saw them. New stuff goes off live. W
The festival ends and we trot on off home, making it back to the hostel by 10:40, I shit you not. Brisnbane is organised !

We are stuffed by this stage, but I am determined to party, how often does one fly interstate? Wash off the dirty festival smell, attempt to get pretty but I put on too much make up and am bordering on looking like a hooker. But hey, its not my town right?? After some pre drinks at the Hostel Bar, We got to the Brisvegas version of Next ( The said club where our friendship was cemented). The club has a really cool vibe, much more friendly, Yeah for Brisbane. Apparently its packed due to Soundwave, also I note for a punk club, it did not play said music genre. This doesn't bother me too much as I don't get out much these days, and a night out is a night out. I drink FAR too many of these large Qld beers and get home at 4am. Simones flight leaves at 7 so she omits sleep.