Monday, 18 October 2010

And on the ninth day, God created the internets

Hello there!
It's been a while. Many things have happened. The biggest of which, I survived TWO WHOLE MONTHS without the internet.
Granted yes, I had the old pie phone and read my facebook/ twitter feeds a little too religiously, but technically no internet.
And honesty, I didn't miss it.

At first I felt a little out of touch, not being first with information ( oh know someone knew about the Ou Est Le Swimming Pool disaster 7 minutes before me, etc), but eventually I grew accustomed to having more time. Time for gym, friends, cleaning and most of all being creative. So al I can say is GET THE FUCK OFF THE INTERNET PEOPLE! There's a whole world out there, a real world with actual friends and conversation.

NB- Feel free to remind me of this post when again my Macbook becomes my 5th limb.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Eloise is a fan of...

Well hello there,it's been a while. It's come to my attention I have some new followers, that perhaps aren't really fans of Eloise. Although I don't think I'm that interesting, I'll tell you, at this period in time, what I am a fan of.

Facebook Groups- Eloise is not a fan.

I don't care if you liked a TV show in the 90's, you're not obscure or unique. So I hear you're a fan of sleeping in? Well done, I'm also a fan of sleeping, eating, breathing, chewing, swallowing, etc. Do I get a reward?

Soundwave- Eloise is a fan.

So my two fave bands, Bayside and Less than Jake are coming back for Soundwave next year. Which is a 7/10 for great news, the 3 missing points being not hearing those songs that aren't quite appropriate for festival sets. But hey, 2 big bands in one day, let's see if I can have an excitement attack like 2009.

Addicts for the Dramatics- Eloise is not a fan.
My life has enough drama and excitement. Trust me. I just don't get why my life has guest appearances by people who wish to add extra drama to my life. Are their lives so boring? I am not wearing enough lying/trouble maker/jealous type character repellent? Do they need to bring others down to feel good about themselves? I think I'll put it down to one of lifes mysteries.

Red Hair- Eloise is a fan.

I do miss my blonde hair, but I have been getting so many compliments it makes it fun. Let's see how Ranga power goes for Julia. Speaking of which...

The Election- Eloise is not a fan.

I don't care about boat people. Not in the slightest. They don't even make up a significant preportion of 'Illegal Immigrants'. (Which is another topic I'm over hearing about. Australia is massive. Stop being greedy)
They came here from disaster/war-torn, developing (aka. Fucked) countries on the Ocean equivalent of a clapped out VN Commodore owned by several P Plater boys. Give them a medal, not detention.
So please Politicians, give us something decent to vote about.

Gozleme- Eloise is a fan.
Sometimes working in a multicultural town has its upsides.

Creepy Men at the Gym- Eloise is not a fan.
Yes, I do go to the gym in a multicultural town with people from diferent cultures that don't interact with women the same way. But seriously, personal space AND personal hygeine are paramount in such establishments. I'm there to work out not get chatted up by creepy dudes, and seriously man, you're like 60.
But hey, these characters do provide comic relief for me and my instructor.

Glee- Eloise is a fan.
I fucking love Glee, and I don't care what anyone says. The show brings me so much joy, and 'Don't Stop Believin' is my most favourite track to listen to at the gym. Screw all you haters and naysayers, the show rules.

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Eloise loves the interwebz

So I seem to have missed a few gems in my last best of the internet for Eloise roundup.
This months gems are
This is quite a winner, being update with internet meme trends AND bad tattoos. Win.
2) Neekersneakers
This girl is pretty much a genius.
3)Look at this fucking hipster An oldie but a goodie.
4)27b/6 My sincere apologies for not including it last time. Prepare to kiss away your productivity for today.

I'm sure there's something I'm forgetting, I will update soon

Monday, 14 June 2010

Aspirational Purchasing.

Many of us buy things to fit into our aspirational lifestyle, hell, whole industries are built on it. Do you think everyone that wears surf brands owns a surfboard? Or wears Nike is an athlete? No, but its what we aspire to be that is import. Or important to the companies that take our money. But how much aspiration is too much?

I spend far too much time (internet) window shopping for clothes to wear to jobs I haven't got, for umbrellas for train trips I don't yet take. Is this bad or good I don't know. As we speak I am finishing up making a dress for job interviews I'm yet to have. There's nothing wrong with being prepared right?

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Holiday Road...

Can I take a holiday from being me??

One where
-No customers take their shitty moods out of me?
- I don't analyse every single piece of food I eat ?
-I don't get judged for my lack of career?
-I exercise and my ankle doesn't cripple me?
-I can have civil arguments with my brother?
-My sister doesn't take her moods out on me?
- I don't spend every second of the day thinking I should be trying harder then I am, doing more, achieving more, exercising more, being the better person, eating less, being more responsible with money?

Tomorrow is that day.
If I don't take a day off from my life, I will lose my shit.

Monday, 31 May 2010

I blog therefore..

So I thought I'd do a quick post of my favorite time suckers on the internet, at this current moment.
Ok, we'll go top 10 ( Other than the obvious. Everyone uses facebook.)

1) The Vine.
Best place for upcoming trends, local music/ fashion news. I find things out here.

2)Regretsy. For the lolz.

3)Topshop. For what Sportsgirl/ Glassons/ etc will be stocking next season.

4)IMDB. This not only helps me at work, it helps me kill time while I'm there.

5) People of Walmart. I love America, all aspects of it.

6) Tacky Weddings. Once again, for the Lulz.

7) The Grates on Tour. I wanna be BFFs with Patience.

8) I aM AnThony. This dude is my god.

9)Fuck Yeah 4Chan. Not that regulary updated, but as the description says, All the memes without the mess.

10) Killyourstereo. Refer 4), part B.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

My life is a slapstick comedy

You can't script that shit that happens to me.
My life is never smooth sailing, but it's amusing highs and lows keep it all interesting.

Last night, I opened my bag to find my phone had been on a call for 4 mins, to an Ex suitor whose number I should have deleted long ago. Tragic thing is though, I'm pretty sure these 4 mins, were when I was in the toilet.
Tragic AND hilarious.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

3rd Wheel

As a professional 3rd Wheel, I have only just started to notice how my close friends boyfriends are creeping into my life.
I tell my girls my secrets, hoping that they keep it to themselves, but we all know you tell your boyfriend everything, so I just accept that someone I may not know so well knows a LITTLE too much about me. But it's starting to become a good thing.

Lewis and Bek are one of my fave couples. While having gal talk about a not so promising guy situation last year, Bek was her sweet self, Lewis told me honestly 'You sound like you're in that movie 'He's just not that into you'. His honest blokey opinion was just what I needed. On meeting a new man friend of mine recently, Lewis proclaimed 'He has an Aura, I can feel it. Good Dude'. So very quickly Lewis closed the gap on how well Bek knows me and can give personal advice, even though I've known him a fifth of the time I've know Bek.

Simone and Wattsy. Simone and I tell each just about other everything. Proper BFFs. What we ate for lunch, what we really think of our co-workers, how we need to end the conversation to poop, there really are no boundaries anymore. So I assume Daniel knows a LITTLE bit too much about me. But I'd decided to embrace this as just double the friend, like just another annoying brother I have.

It's not so bad after all.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

To my faithful readers..

To my faithful reader, the whole one of you, Miss Simone, this is a post for you.
Sorry I haven't blogged lately, I will endeavor to spice up your work day with my inane banter more regularly from now on.
Make some comments while you're at it.
El xx

Saturday, 6 March 2010

10 best presents

I recently found a letter from my BFF stating that the gift I gave her that year was 'in the top 10 presents she'd ever received'.

So here are mine in no particular order.

My Sony Walkman. I was 10, and I pretty much shit bricks when I opened it. All time fave present.

Some Gingham flats an ex boyfriend brought me. Yes not a big gift, but he spotted them all on his own, and at the time I often wondered did he actually understood me at all. Briefly after I put on those shoes, I thought he did.

Handmade gift number one. Cat.
Nothing says love like handmade. I got this for my 21st and carried it around at uni the next day.

Handmade gift number two. Photo frame.
Given to me by a girl I'm not too close to, but I just thought what a rad idea. Yet again handmade stuff rules.

Handmade gift number three. Book.
Also made lovingly for my 21st by the ULTRA talented Nat Martin, a fellow design grad of mine. Hand bound people!

Friday, 12 February 2010

Bad Day

Someone once said to me, 'They say suicide is a cry for help, for me, its a cry that there is no help'.
This thought keeps swirling round today, as a family friend loses her partner, and a teenage idol of mine, Alexander McQueen took his own life.
Both Men were loved and gave so much to their community, they weren't the quiet types that no-one knew about. If they can't make it, it doesn't give inspiration to us mere mortals. I don't think I could handle losing someone to suicide. Even a nightmare I had once about an ex-boyfriend dying made me cry in my sleep and it wasn't even real.

R.i.p 'Lee' McQueen, Warren, and my thoughts are with you Emanuel.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

"Today is the first day of the rest your life"

"Today is the first day of the rest your life"
So to start with an quote of the WONDERFUL American Beauty.
I'm ready to start the year now, ready for new beginnings.
2010 (apart from the bad start and epic hangover of this weekend) is going along swimmingly. My good mate just had a baby, I am a bridesmaid to one of my oldest and dearest friends, new courses and careers on the horizons, and my friends are pretty much the raddest people I know. I love knowing someone so long, no matter what shit yo pull, you still love each other. Those things, combined with the epic bands coming out in the next few months are the makings of a good year.
So yes tomorrow it begins.
Health. No more feeling out of control, sick all the time.
Do all I can to better my mental health.
Gain new knowledge. Short Course ?
Push new oppurtunties at work.
Try and not be a grub.
Learn how to cook.
Make more clothes.
Blog in my design blog.
Seek new opportunities.
Do more for my family.
Be more responsible with money. And my belongings.
See new me in the Future!

Sunday, 3 January 2010

You can take the girl out of King St

Ok So I don't feel so bad about my horrendous start to the year anymore.
I told my friends, and while it was rather crazy town of me, they all thought it was warranted. (Albeit not planned!)

I just really would like a certain someone to fuck off out of my life. That's what I should of said, not become a rambling mess.
1) Please don't befriend work friends/ add them on facebook, esp. when you had no desire to know them in the past.
2) Don't drop to your mates that you found me threatening, was only using me etc.
3) Don't go to clubs that you've mocked me for going to, that play music that you hate.
4) Don't present yourself so gacked you can't keep your limbs from shaking, adorned with hickies and BO. I don't want to pity your lifestyle/ want to help you anymore, you belong in the 'Not my problem' pile.
5) Don't come into my work.
6) Don't complain I blocked you on Facebook. It's just a website.
7) Pretty much stay out of Eloiseland. That is all.

Why I couldn't think of saying that at the time, I wish I knew.