Sunday, 25 July 2010

Eloise is a fan of...

Well hello there,it's been a while. It's come to my attention I have some new followers, that perhaps aren't really fans of Eloise. Although I don't think I'm that interesting, I'll tell you, at this period in time, what I am a fan of.

Facebook Groups- Eloise is not a fan.

I don't care if you liked a TV show in the 90's, you're not obscure or unique. So I hear you're a fan of sleeping in? Well done, I'm also a fan of sleeping, eating, breathing, chewing, swallowing, etc. Do I get a reward?

Soundwave- Eloise is a fan.

So my two fave bands, Bayside and Less than Jake are coming back for Soundwave next year. Which is a 7/10 for great news, the 3 missing points being not hearing those songs that aren't quite appropriate for festival sets. But hey, 2 big bands in one day, let's see if I can have an excitement attack like 2009.

Addicts for the Dramatics- Eloise is not a fan.
My life has enough drama and excitement. Trust me. I just don't get why my life has guest appearances by people who wish to add extra drama to my life. Are their lives so boring? I am not wearing enough lying/trouble maker/jealous type character repellent? Do they need to bring others down to feel good about themselves? I think I'll put it down to one of lifes mysteries.

Red Hair- Eloise is a fan.

I do miss my blonde hair, but I have been getting so many compliments it makes it fun. Let's see how Ranga power goes for Julia. Speaking of which...

The Election- Eloise is not a fan.

I don't care about boat people. Not in the slightest. They don't even make up a significant preportion of 'Illegal Immigrants'. (Which is another topic I'm over hearing about. Australia is massive. Stop being greedy)
They came here from disaster/war-torn, developing (aka. Fucked) countries on the Ocean equivalent of a clapped out VN Commodore owned by several P Plater boys. Give them a medal, not detention.
So please Politicians, give us something decent to vote about.

Gozleme- Eloise is a fan.
Sometimes working in a multicultural town has its upsides.

Creepy Men at the Gym- Eloise is not a fan.
Yes, I do go to the gym in a multicultural town with people from diferent cultures that don't interact with women the same way. But seriously, personal space AND personal hygeine are paramount in such establishments. I'm there to work out not get chatted up by creepy dudes, and seriously man, you're like 60.
But hey, these characters do provide comic relief for me and my instructor.

Glee- Eloise is a fan.
I fucking love Glee, and I don't care what anyone says. The show brings me so much joy, and 'Don't Stop Believin' is my most favourite track to listen to at the gym. Screw all you haters and naysayers, the show rules.

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