Sunday, 27 December 2009

2009, be gone with you.

I am leaving self doubt in 2009.
Boys- It's not the rejection of the individual, its the doubt they place in yourself.
Am I not interesting, skinny, docile, etc. It's just like getting rejected from a job. You might not have really wanted the job, it was a bit far away, not enough money,
but hey, fuck you, I could have done an amazing job of it. Maybe.

So this self doubt needs to go away. When I doubt myself it all just crumbles down.
So I need a plan to get me the opposite of doubt.
Self believe?
Hearing people say you're talented you're this etc only helps somewhat.
This year I have doubted myself more than ever.
Socially retarded, incompetent, lazy, untalented, unemployable, not girlfriend material, bad daughter/friend/employee/ group member, what ever.
Does this matter? No.
Lets leave this self doubt in 2009.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

2009- Friendships Defined.

So 2009 has been a pretty average year.
And I am one of many that has felt that way.
I've been down, and sailed some rough seas.
But to draw out the positives, I've has some company to battle those seas.
To those that listened to my whinging this year, I thank you.
I truly believe that you're nothing if no-one cares about you, you guys make me feel like someone