Sunday, 24 January 2010

"Today is the first day of the rest your life"

"Today is the first day of the rest your life"
So to start with an quote of the WONDERFUL American Beauty.
I'm ready to start the year now, ready for new beginnings.
2010 (apart from the bad start and epic hangover of this weekend) is going along swimmingly. My good mate just had a baby, I am a bridesmaid to one of my oldest and dearest friends, new courses and careers on the horizons, and my friends are pretty much the raddest people I know. I love knowing someone so long, no matter what shit yo pull, you still love each other. Those things, combined with the epic bands coming out in the next few months are the makings of a good year.
So yes tomorrow it begins.
Health. No more feeling out of control, sick all the time.
Do all I can to better my mental health.
Gain new knowledge. Short Course ?
Push new oppurtunties at work.
Try and not be a grub.
Learn how to cook.
Make more clothes.
Blog in my design blog.
Seek new opportunities.
Do more for my family.
Be more responsible with money. And my belongings.
See new me in the Future!

Sunday, 3 January 2010

You can take the girl out of King St

Ok So I don't feel so bad about my horrendous start to the year anymore.
I told my friends, and while it was rather crazy town of me, they all thought it was warranted. (Albeit not planned!)

I just really would like a certain someone to fuck off out of my life. That's what I should of said, not become a rambling mess.
1) Please don't befriend work friends/ add them on facebook, esp. when you had no desire to know them in the past.
2) Don't drop to your mates that you found me threatening, was only using me etc.
3) Don't go to clubs that you've mocked me for going to, that play music that you hate.
4) Don't present yourself so gacked you can't keep your limbs from shaking, adorned with hickies and BO. I don't want to pity your lifestyle/ want to help you anymore, you belong in the 'Not my problem' pile.
5) Don't come into my work.
6) Don't complain I blocked you on Facebook. It's just a website.
7) Pretty much stay out of Eloiseland. That is all.

Why I couldn't think of saying that at the time, I wish I knew.