Monday, 31 May 2010

I blog therefore..

So I thought I'd do a quick post of my favorite time suckers on the internet, at this current moment.
Ok, we'll go top 10 ( Other than the obvious. Everyone uses facebook.)

1) The Vine.
Best place for upcoming trends, local music/ fashion news. I find things out here.

2)Regretsy. For the lolz.

3)Topshop. For what Sportsgirl/ Glassons/ etc will be stocking next season.

4)IMDB. This not only helps me at work, it helps me kill time while I'm there.

5) People of Walmart. I love America, all aspects of it.

6) Tacky Weddings. Once again, for the Lulz.

7) The Grates on Tour. I wanna be BFFs with Patience.

8) I aM AnThony. This dude is my god.

9)Fuck Yeah 4Chan. Not that regulary updated, but as the description says, All the memes without the mess.

10) Killyourstereo. Refer 4), part B.