Monday, 10 August 2009

Boys boys boys.

They Suck.
I also suck, for wasting time chasing one that is not into me.
Someone put me out of my Misery!

Monday, 3 August 2009

Life on a Plate

So I can't say really much has happened lately.
There was an article today about a someone who sued their uni as they were yet to land a grad job.
The girl sounded like she was waiting for the world to come to her on a platter, but shit, wouldn't I like to give RMIT a piece for their false expectations?

The grad job thing is the biggest thing on my mind right now.
Need to stop worrying about silly boys, ( Albeit a boy that doesn't know the difference between Dallas Green and Anthony Green, interestingly enough).
Back on the fitness Health kick, I finaly want to do something about it. Little disgruntled about the Doctor that told me "there was no reason for a 24 year old to weigh that much', but who do you take someone who recommends diet shakes seriously?
I need to keep on pushing, with everything, take on new projects and hobbies, courses, and just figure where the hell I am meant to throw myself.
Production Assistant for some generic chain that rips off an O/s generic chain really just isn't that inticing.

Most biggest shakeup was moving stores at work. Got FT hours, little gibbed on the exact role, but hey, its not all bad. Dandy is full of good kids, didn;t realise I disliked Narre as much as I did, just made me feel really shit at life and stole my confidence.

It's funny how so many little things can affect my mood, but generally I am pretty happy at the moment. I need to harness this positive energy. And know that life does not come to you on a plate.