Thursday, 29 October 2009

Rough Seas Ahead

I’m calling all my oldest friends,
Saying sorry for this mess we’re in.
And I’m waiting, waiting,
For the sun to come and melt this snow,
Wash away the pain and give me back control, control.

Winter- Bayside.
Although I declared the winter of my discontent to be over, rough seas are forecast ahead. So I need to call my friends and explain this mess I'm in. eloiseland isn't so sunny right now, come in, plant some flowers in the garden, and I'll be sure to water your plants when you're on holiday. Aka- things aren't 100% right now, please help, but I'll be sure to return the favour.

I haven't yet decided how I am going to deal with My sister being sick again, last time I was 16. Punk rock? Exercise? Hell, I'm even considering religion. I need distraction and support. Time to toughen up.