Sunday, 8 July 2007


Hello! Just a blog of my travels so far for anyone who cares to Read.

We'll start from the start. The 40 hours of travelling (Melb-Auck-LA-NY-Maine) was pretty tiring, and I'd also been partying and going out a bit too much before I left, so my first few days in this country were fairly tiring, and adapting to the culture shock, this place is more different then you think. Also my camp is very conservative, SO not me, but I'm enjoying it, I feel it will be character building.

Part 2-

Alot of Americans think I am English, it is hilarious.

Part 6- Portland, Maine.

We checked out the capital of Maine, Old Portland ( Yep, its a port) and the MALL. Portland has a cute feel, cobblestone roads, nice shops, smelly ports and lots of boats. The boat ride to some island was very relaxing, although it turns out I get sea sick.

The Mall was fun, I could have spent a small fortune. It too has the American smell. I was horrified ( Clare this is for you) that the Myer basement smell ACTUALLY is the Abercrombie and Fitch scent, I feel we must be the copiers here. There's about a million department stores here

Part 7- Last night was the counsellor party. Free Icecream provided. It followed the Camper talent show, "OGNOG" ( Yep it's that camp speak again). At the concert it all started to click, the whole camp thing started to make sense. Me being a sucker for entertainment was totatlly won over and moreso starting to feel a part of it all more than ever. Awwwwww... Cheesy moment.

So at said party, once we got over the fact that we had to dance without being booze fueled ( Ice cream was provided), it was actually quite fun. Highlight of the night would have to be when Land Down Under came on ( As requested by fellow Aussie bunk buddie Kay) and all us six Australians went nuts, yelling about and in the end we had New Zealands claiming to be Australian and americans/ british singing along. Fuck Yeah!!

I'll update this later. Cheers.

Part 8- Camp Life. 7th of July, 2007.

What can I say, its pretty chilled. The head of my department is an awesome New Yorker, she's an ecentric theatre type, and she's pretty relaxed about designs and standards, so we can pretty much get away with whatever we want. I am responsible for Peter Pan, Bells are Ringing and The Sound of Music. Working in the Theatre as a Costumer is pretty rad, i'll have to put in some long hours to get all the kids (175~) in costumes, but as apposed to other departments, I'm not responsible for a bunk/night duties etc.. so I have it pretty good.

The kids are cute, the little ones anyway. They come up to give you hugs and shout your name, tell you you've got pretty hair what have you ( Me with my dyed hair is a bit exciting for brown haired Jewish Girls). The older ones have attitude, most are cool but. You'd think after doing all the FreeZa stuff the older ones would be easier but no the littles are far more agreeable to costumes.

Another thing I have to mention is cheers. There is least 100 songs written specifically for this camp and they all know them. The younger ones have songs/cheers/handclap action sorta things they do at the table at meal times, it's pretty much planned mayhem. It has to be seen to be understood. Good tools to understand camp also would be watching High School Musical and know that Crocs are somehow cool here. With Jibbitz. Google it. Another trend is rolling down the waistband of trackpants (sweatpants if you will), alot of stuff in sports shops is pre-rolled.

My bunk must be mentioned. I feel much less homesick with the bunch of rad girls I am living with. Louise from Scotland is possibly the funniest girl I've ever met, fuckin hilar plus accent equals good times. Catherine from South Africa is an awesome person I'm sure I was meant to meet, you find your own kind wherever you are and we have our little cynicism and sarcasm moments. That and throw in the random South Africa stories about her wildlife biosphere park and running scared with an impala carcus on her back. Pretty crazy shit. Got another fellow Aussie Kay, tops chick and we have aussie flags up, ha ha so Bogan. Then there's Ashley from Florida, for our US educational requirements who's good value too.

Well thats it for part 8, I will update further!!

Part 9- Leaving camp tomorrow. I am hella tired, sad to leave camp, nervous/excited to travel and have to get up in 4 hours!! Thanks for all the love and MAIL!!! Some pics that probably won't make much sense are on facebook.

Intinery is as follows- Boston till the 12th, the to New York to the 15th, Then Miami/Orlando till the 21st, leave the crew and head to San fran then undecided plans in California. Ah it is actually happening!!!

Part 9- Boston

Went to Boston, have to say the highlight was seeing Davey Havok @ the airport, too bad I didn't talk to him, although he didn't look like he was in a good mood, and I was in shock for about 2 minutes after he was HALF A METRE away from me. Boston is pretty and historic. Went to Harvard, Salem and Cheers. So so. I also discovered Urban outfitters there. Lame name, awesome shop. I already need another suitcase, playing the 'what can I throw out' game is regular activity.


I'm in NYC at the moment, went to Staten Island yesterday and saw Little Miss Statue of Liberty, its not that big. Still cool but. Went to Times Square, the big train station on 42nd street whose name I temporarily forgotten. I'm off on an adventure to well, I haven't decided yet. Peace.

Part 10-

New York was fucking awesome. Insane crazy town, so much to do and see I don't know where to start. Did alot of tourist things, 5th Ave, Rockafeller Centre- The view from 83 floors up is amazing, Went to MoMA, The Guggenheim and the Met, The Met is massive but lots to see, Moma was awesome apart from to many unappreciative tourists, and the Guggenheim was thought provoking and confirms the whole design is the new art/architecture is god/ your relationship with the space, was very a engaging gallery.

Went to 5th ave, saw Nicole Ritchie and Joel Madden walk straight past me, and no, she did not look pregnant. Central Park is pretty, quite amazing you can loose the view of this massive city in there.

All I can say about New York ( stealing your words from last year Clare) That New York is a living character, everyone has a story , (apart from the RUDE CUNTS @ LaGuardia Airport) theres alot of really friendly people that are so quick to offer help when you're looking bewildered at your map or struggling with the 63 pound suitcase you're trying to get down the subway stairs.

So all in all I love New York.

Day 2 in Miami, beaches and Booze, and everyone speaks Spanish, I wish I knew more. America is so diverse , I've seen 3 extremes in the space of a week.

Part 11-

To steal Louise's words, 'Miami does things differently'

It's.. different. Very nice, and warm. (This is for Mel)- Saw Miami Ink and went to the club LoveHate, which is owned by two of them, one of which was there, everyone was getting photo's.

Part 12-17.

Finally home just thought I'd go through the rest of the trip.

SAN FRAN- Was awesome, had my Belgian buddy Laurent. San Francisco is just one of those cool places to be, it has an indesribeable atmosphere and trendy/hipster types, and its the 'City by the bay' and there's alot to see. Went to pier 39 , Golden Gate bridge and got smashed at this cool bar Laurent found, met lots of interesting locals. West coast is a bit more laid back.

Next day we went to Sacramento. 30 miles out to Marysville, which was really 10 miles out in some rose... town. Went to the 1st warped show I saw, it was 100/37 degrees, thats where the tanning starting. Was an awesome day though.