Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Eloise loves the interwebz

So I seem to have missed a few gems in my last best of the internet for Eloise roundup.
This months gems are
This is quite a winner, being update with internet meme trends AND bad tattoos. Win.
2) Neekersneakers
This girl is pretty much a genius.
3)Look at this fucking hipster An oldie but a goodie.
4)27b/6 My sincere apologies for not including it last time. Prepare to kiss away your productivity for today.

I'm sure there's something I'm forgetting, I will update soon

Monday, 14 June 2010

Aspirational Purchasing.

Many of us buy things to fit into our aspirational lifestyle, hell, whole industries are built on it. Do you think everyone that wears surf brands owns a surfboard? Or wears Nike is an athlete? No, but its what we aspire to be that is import. Or important to the companies that take our money. But how much aspiration is too much?

I spend far too much time (internet) window shopping for clothes to wear to jobs I haven't got, for umbrellas for train trips I don't yet take. Is this bad or good I don't know. As we speak I am finishing up making a dress for job interviews I'm yet to have. There's nothing wrong with being prepared right?

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Holiday Road...

Can I take a holiday from being me??

One where
-No customers take their shitty moods out of me?
- I don't analyse every single piece of food I eat ?
-I don't get judged for my lack of career?
-I exercise and my ankle doesn't cripple me?
-I can have civil arguments with my brother?
-My sister doesn't take her moods out on me?
- I don't spend every second of the day thinking I should be trying harder then I am, doing more, achieving more, exercising more, being the better person, eating less, being more responsible with money?

Tomorrow is that day.
If I don't take a day off from my life, I will lose my shit.