Monday, 28 April 2008

Birthday Wishes

I want....

(Nb.. I don't actually expect to get this)

1. A Nice shiny Mac.

2. An Ipod, or similar device.

3. A New phone.

4. A haircut. And or Dye.

5. Some fabric scissors, doing my work in becoming increasingly difficult.

6. A new car, preferably those laser/323 2004 ish models that are really the same car.

7. Pools of money. So I don't have to work as much while at uni.

8. Alot of Cds, feel free to come into my work and pick up all my holds.

9. Some trendy jeans that actually fit me.

10. Some more nikes, those all purple ones in the pretentious store in manchester lane. But on my birthday they will actually be nice.

11. Mascara. That one Emily had.

12. Party shoes, my lime ones died on thursday.

13. A Wii. With Mario Kart and Guitar Hero. Please.

14. A house, near the city, with bargain basement rent.

15. I belt for my dressing gown, its getting annoying.

16. An extra week before assesment.

17. A really long day to catch up with people I don't get to see as often as I should.

18. A charter jet to Bundeburg to see my best friend. And return. Preferably.

19. New Pajama's, I don't have any. Band T Shirts are getting old.

20. A camel copic marker, Its the only colour In this collections colour palette I am missing.

I think thats about it. Cheers