Thursday, 22 February 2007

Weekly Update.

I seem to only write these things when I'm hungover. I wasn't meant to have a big night. Thanks to Jake and his shots. And the JECA crew. Good times with good friends.
I got my timetable today, one day a week. Which means 26 more days EVER that I have to go to uni. I'm sure I'll go in there more often than that, but still, its a cool thought.
On a mission today to make cupcakes, its probably too hot though.

What else is news.. Brisvegas holiday in April. Seeing New Found Glory twice, possibly a 3rd time with my brother. Thats pretty keen. We lost at netball. I was really disappointed, before when we sucked it didn't matter, but now we're on a roll. We played a good match though. Finals very soon. Speaking to Stu for 2 hours really isn't cool. I didn't want to re-open old wounds, but now they will heal properly. I think I'm going to have to hate him before we can be friends. Hate's a pretty strong word, I don't think I hate anyone really. I need an arch rival. Actually I think I had one for a while. She knows who she is. She hated me and so I made the feelings mutual. I didn't really hate her though, I think she was just jealous. And she hates everyone.

Saw Notes on a Scandal. Aside from the scandal, Judi Dench's character reminded me of someone I'd rather not remember. How can people get perceptions so wrong, see feelings that are not there, just because they feel them themselves? And to mess with peoples heads like that? My ban on mental illness still remains. Treat people they way you wish to be treated.

I can't wait to catch up with everyone at uni, but I don't really have any stories from the holidays to tell. I don't feel rested. I'm not fresh with new ideas. I'm still pretty down. Maybe some crazy guest lecturer will tell us some crazy story about pots that didn't exist and change my perspective a little. I need someone to shake some sense in to me.

One day when I'm in a good mood I'm going to write here.

Thursday, 15 February 2007

4th Year.

Ah. Back to Uni in 10 days. What am I doing. This year is optional. I've got the damn degree. I could get a job. I keep thinking it will be good for me, change specialisations, a new challenge, learn some discipline, start learing some organisation skills finally. But I don't have to!!! Ah, still feeling pretty crushed, its a bit hard to have faith in myself right now. This isn't good. What the hell I am going to do? Re-invent the wheel? I need to have some faith in myself. I wish I was religious. I don't want to go for a bit then drop out. But I'm really not sure if I have a years worth of 4th year collections in me. I want to work more broadly than fashion. AH!!! What to do. My best friends are going to Italy, and I think I won't be able to afford it, but I probably could. Fuck Uni, I want to go to Italy! I can just see it now, in July, my 4 closest friends all in different states and continents. I will go crazy. I need confirmation, if only from myself, that I'm doing the right thing.

Valentines Day..

Was pretty crappy in the end. About a month ago the girls at work gave me shit because I hadn't thought about what I was getting. That'll teach me to think ahead.
I got all dressed up in red, to find no-one else did as promised (But I do wear red every second day so I spose thats ok) and gave everyone my little heart chocolates.
I get home, knowing there's more chocolates there, to find my brother had eaten them all. Out of all the food in the house, he decided that was what he needed. A tray of handmade chocolates that took me forever to make.
Decide to go see Chloe, as she is now single as well. Turns out she's not, and gets love messages from her guy.
Happy Valentines Day.

Friday, 9 February 2007

Next + Phones + Eloise

So I lost another phone at Next. I should just not bother taking them.
First night out in a long time. In the same situation as last time I lost the phone, I was a tad emotional to start with, so when I realised that it was gone and also realised Swing Life Away was playing I cried yet again at Next. Really not doing much for the Emo stereotype of the place with that move. I had a half arse look on the ground and came home with black knees as a result. Thankyou to anyone who spent time with me last night, you know who you are.

I am seriously starting to think I am alcoholic. Back in the day when there was alot more of me, I could SERIOUSLY down the booze, but I can't anymore. This and the 1st wedding, and feeling like I had appendicitis after the work party are possibly indications.
I had to get Briony to pull over on the way home to throw up. It was a really interesting vomit, instead of your usual porridge like, yellow tinged chuck, it was literally what I had JUST eaten (Apple, tomato from Bri's deli choice wrap, cereal), Just in smaller pieces, still vividly coloured.

So I decided that possibly I MAY need to grow up some when my Mum told me I 'probably shouldn't drink so much' and she usually loves my drunken Shenanigans.

Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Timetable twins

I met my timetable twin today.
He's this guy I see nearly everyday at Uni, at the Train station, at RMIT, on the way home, every day I go to Uni. It's like we're stalking each other. I tend to freak people out because I have a good memory for faces, and clothes, and always remember people and tell them so and they usually don't remember me, and I freak them out .It's generally when I'm out, drunk, that I do this, so that could possibly have something to do with it.
And we've never spoken to each other. There's always a bit of stare action though. So I asked if he went to Rmit, turns out he studies design as well and I'm 'The girl on the train'. Because he got a giftcard I had to get his name, so probably freaked the kid out.

Holy Crap! I'm in 4th Year

AH!!! So in all the comotion I forgot that I am going back to uni in 20 days.
Just quietly, I'm starting to panic. I'm changing specialisations from exploratory to applied, and it's a bit of a concern. Of all my friends that stayed on, they are in exploratory, which sucks for me. I can hear my Mum telling me 'It doesn't matter what your friends do, you're there to learn' But our class last year was awesome and I know I'm not the only one who thought that. Plus we had cake days. So like last year, do I go back on my decision? Because Ex. was awesome last year. Is there a place for social commentry in Mens Fashion in a commercialy viable environment? I need answers!!! Ah! What happened to me? Where did all my ambition and personality go? I decided that this year from now on is going to be awesome. My netball team will make the finals, hopefully the grand finals, there's only one team we can't beat and they did some dodgy player swaps. And I graduate!!! And I have a WAY better job now so I'm not going crazy. I think I need a new hobby. Yes, that's it. Maybe Tennis. I like the skirts.

Monday, 5 February 2007

Man that blog below is really lame, but I think only Simone reads this so that's ok.
It sucks that she's gone, I can't just drive over. It's about 2 days drive. My car wouldn't make it. I have to buy new tyres this week, that's going to be the most money I've ever spent on my car so I can't really complain.
Missing people sucks. I can't wait to come visit Simone. But missing other people sucks because I can't do anything about that. It's just really weird, I go through the routine, finish work, get out my phone, then stop, Wait, I can't call you, that's right, we broke up. It's just really hard to break habits.
Got told today I had nice calves, then would I like to go to the beach. Sorry mate, don't shit where I eat to put it nicely. Nice calves. Who knew.

Thursday, 1 February 2007

Hello new blog!!!