Thursday, 22 February 2007

Weekly Update.

I seem to only write these things when I'm hungover. I wasn't meant to have a big night. Thanks to Jake and his shots. And the JECA crew. Good times with good friends.
I got my timetable today, one day a week. Which means 26 more days EVER that I have to go to uni. I'm sure I'll go in there more often than that, but still, its a cool thought.
On a mission today to make cupcakes, its probably too hot though.

What else is news.. Brisvegas holiday in April. Seeing New Found Glory twice, possibly a 3rd time with my brother. Thats pretty keen. We lost at netball. I was really disappointed, before when we sucked it didn't matter, but now we're on a roll. We played a good match though. Finals very soon. Speaking to Stu for 2 hours really isn't cool. I didn't want to re-open old wounds, but now they will heal properly. I think I'm going to have to hate him before we can be friends. Hate's a pretty strong word, I don't think I hate anyone really. I need an arch rival. Actually I think I had one for a while. She knows who she is. She hated me and so I made the feelings mutual. I didn't really hate her though, I think she was just jealous. And she hates everyone.

Saw Notes on a Scandal. Aside from the scandal, Judi Dench's character reminded me of someone I'd rather not remember. How can people get perceptions so wrong, see feelings that are not there, just because they feel them themselves? And to mess with peoples heads like that? My ban on mental illness still remains. Treat people they way you wish to be treated.

I can't wait to catch up with everyone at uni, but I don't really have any stories from the holidays to tell. I don't feel rested. I'm not fresh with new ideas. I'm still pretty down. Maybe some crazy guest lecturer will tell us some crazy story about pots that didn't exist and change my perspective a little. I need someone to shake some sense in to me.

One day when I'm in a good mood I'm going to write here.

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