Friday, 9 February 2007

Next + Phones + Eloise

So I lost another phone at Next. I should just not bother taking them.
First night out in a long time. In the same situation as last time I lost the phone, I was a tad emotional to start with, so when I realised that it was gone and also realised Swing Life Away was playing I cried yet again at Next. Really not doing much for the Emo stereotype of the place with that move. I had a half arse look on the ground and came home with black knees as a result. Thankyou to anyone who spent time with me last night, you know who you are.

I am seriously starting to think I am alcoholic. Back in the day when there was alot more of me, I could SERIOUSLY down the booze, but I can't anymore. This and the 1st wedding, and feeling like I had appendicitis after the work party are possibly indications.
I had to get Briony to pull over on the way home to throw up. It was a really interesting vomit, instead of your usual porridge like, yellow tinged chuck, it was literally what I had JUST eaten (Apple, tomato from Bri's deli choice wrap, cereal), Just in smaller pieces, still vividly coloured.

So I decided that possibly I MAY need to grow up some when my Mum told me I 'probably shouldn't drink so much' and she usually loves my drunken Shenanigans.

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