Monday, 5 February 2007

Man that blog below is really lame, but I think only Simone reads this so that's ok.
It sucks that she's gone, I can't just drive over. It's about 2 days drive. My car wouldn't make it. I have to buy new tyres this week, that's going to be the most money I've ever spent on my car so I can't really complain.
Missing people sucks. I can't wait to come visit Simone. But missing other people sucks because I can't do anything about that. It's just really weird, I go through the routine, finish work, get out my phone, then stop, Wait, I can't call you, that's right, we broke up. It's just really hard to break habits.
Got told today I had nice calves, then would I like to go to the beach. Sorry mate, don't shit where I eat to put it nicely. Nice calves. Who knew.

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