Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Timetable twins

I met my timetable twin today.
He's this guy I see nearly everyday at Uni, at the Train station, at RMIT, on the way home, every day I go to Uni. It's like we're stalking each other. I tend to freak people out because I have a good memory for faces, and clothes, and always remember people and tell them so and they usually don't remember me, and I freak them out .It's generally when I'm out, drunk, that I do this, so that could possibly have something to do with it.
And we've never spoken to each other. There's always a bit of stare action though. So I asked if he went to Rmit, turns out he studies design as well and I'm 'The girl on the train'. Because he got a giftcard I had to get his name, so probably freaked the kid out.

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