Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Holy Crap! I'm in 4th Year

AH!!! So in all the comotion I forgot that I am going back to uni in 20 days.
Just quietly, I'm starting to panic. I'm changing specialisations from exploratory to applied, and it's a bit of a concern. Of all my friends that stayed on, they are in exploratory, which sucks for me. I can hear my Mum telling me 'It doesn't matter what your friends do, you're there to learn' But our class last year was awesome and I know I'm not the only one who thought that. Plus we had cake days. So like last year, do I go back on my decision? Because Ex. was awesome last year. Is there a place for social commentry in Mens Fashion in a commercialy viable environment? I need answers!!! Ah! What happened to me? Where did all my ambition and personality go? I decided that this year from now on is going to be awesome. My netball team will make the finals, hopefully the grand finals, there's only one team we can't beat and they did some dodgy player swaps. And I graduate!!! And I have a WAY better job now so I'm not going crazy. I think I need a new hobby. Yes, that's it. Maybe Tennis. I like the skirts.

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