Thursday, 1 March 2007

Fresh start March

I've decided to write January and February off. Oh, probably the later half of last year as well. This year hasn't been great, but starting from today it will be. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Say hello to good times.

A good time to reflect on what I've learnt ( Don't waste your time getting attatched to someone that doesn't care about you, don't risk your friendships for someone who doesn't do the same for you, NEVER doubt yourself, or be with those who do)
Goodtime to just let go, write off the last few months as a big learning kerb, geeze, what a waste of time that was. Too many months of people asking me what was wrong, that I'm not myself and look pre-occupied. Its all about ME now.

Fresh start March begins with going back to Uni. I'm still scared people are going to notice I'm not the same Eloise. Oh, but I'll be back. I feel myself more every day. The hurt of being cut out still bothers me, but I spose he's the one with problems, his way of dealing with the loss of ME!

Who'd have thought my sister had the best advice out of anyone? She's been her all along, I wish I listened to her sooner.

Fresh start March is celebrated tonight with +44 and Unwritten Law. Many thanks to the Shock Rep for that one. Then off to Uni to start class for 4TH YEAR!!! Be the next Toni Maticeviski or something. This year is gonna be great.

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