Sunday, 4 March 2007


Best night last night. Feeling better about everything.
This bad mood is finally gone. Better things are coming my way. I still miss him and am hurt that I wasn't enough for someone. But it doesn't matter anymore. Why be with someone that does believe in you? Your partner is meant to be your biggest fan. It seems so odd, I thought everyone loved me. That sounds so vain. But its a two way street, I love everyone back. How on earth did I end up with the one guy that didn't?

I was talking forgot that, believe it or not, people may actually be interested in ME. My lecturer was telling me about how he saw all our myspaces (!@#$!), and how mine was 'The Eloise we all know and love'. I was in such a hole I forgot that people still think I'm alright.
A drunken night must have been just what I needed. For the second night a row, was sitting at home planning a quiet night, and Son invited me out.
I must have got drunk, because when someone asked me my name I took me about 5 seconds to answer. I was like, wait... you know this one.. Dan was discussing our mutual friend, and I said, she thinks I'm greater than I really am. 'I'm not the great'. Dan said, 'Oh, but you are'. He was probably joking, but still, twas nice to hear.

Also, I LOVE friendly people. I saw Simone's friend Gerald, had a great chat, only to discover that it was actually his BROTHER!! He was so nice though
So yes, no

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