Sunday, 11 March 2007

March is...

What is news?
I really can't be bothered going to uni. It takes so much passion and drive to be there, and I just don't feel like I have it in me right now. Contemplating working at JB a bit more and then leave this country for a bit., I need some adventure.

Other news. Jake, Adam, Daniel and I all got tonsilitus within a week of each other. Weird.

My brother is famous. Everywhere I go, be it clubs he is WAY to young to get into or my mates parties, everyone asks for him.

March Band madness has been good, Unwritten Law were FUCKING AWESOME, was pretty cool having our guest tickets, thanks Shock! +44, so so. Not sure what was with the cover that NO-ONE knew. Mark was cool, he knew it. No Travis sucked. But Unwritten Law clearly outshone them, and Scotts pants were far too low for male enjoyment.
Fall Out Boy were Great, wait thats not a good word, lets say Brilliant, I want more, I wish I saw them in Sydney. I have swollen tonsils/thraot region as a result of yelling so much, possibly at Pete Wentz, what a show pony! But we all loved it.
I'm sure Strike Anyhwere were great last night, but tonsiltus kept me from finding out. Ah well, they'll be back.

Thats about it.

Wait, Fashion week. For a 4th year I didn't really show much interest. Probably because the festival didn't hire me. But I heard that in one show, apart from being disorganised, one models outfit came undone and her shoe fell off. Hahaha i surely hope that wouldn;t have happened with me. The business seminar was interesting, though I did fall asleep in parts.

Oh yeah, Turns out full time uni, going out most nights and working 30 hours a week is kinda tiring.

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