Monday, 18 October 2010

And on the ninth day, God created the internets

Hello there!
It's been a while. Many things have happened. The biggest of which, I survived TWO WHOLE MONTHS without the internet.
Granted yes, I had the old pie phone and read my facebook/ twitter feeds a little too religiously, but technically no internet.
And honesty, I didn't miss it.

At first I felt a little out of touch, not being first with information ( oh know someone knew about the Ou Est Le Swimming Pool disaster 7 minutes before me, etc), but eventually I grew accustomed to having more time. Time for gym, friends, cleaning and most of all being creative. So al I can say is GET THE FUCK OFF THE INTERNET PEOPLE! There's a whole world out there, a real world with actual friends and conversation.

NB- Feel free to remind me of this post when again my Macbook becomes my 5th limb.

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