Sunday, 18 April 2010

3rd Wheel

As a professional 3rd Wheel, I have only just started to notice how my close friends boyfriends are creeping into my life.
I tell my girls my secrets, hoping that they keep it to themselves, but we all know you tell your boyfriend everything, so I just accept that someone I may not know so well knows a LITTLE too much about me. But it's starting to become a good thing.

Lewis and Bek are one of my fave couples. While having gal talk about a not so promising guy situation last year, Bek was her sweet self, Lewis told me honestly 'You sound like you're in that movie 'He's just not that into you'. His honest blokey opinion was just what I needed. On meeting a new man friend of mine recently, Lewis proclaimed 'He has an Aura, I can feel it. Good Dude'. So very quickly Lewis closed the gap on how well Bek knows me and can give personal advice, even though I've known him a fifth of the time I've know Bek.

Simone and Wattsy. Simone and I tell each just about other everything. Proper BFFs. What we ate for lunch, what we really think of our co-workers, how we need to end the conversation to poop, there really are no boundaries anymore. So I assume Daniel knows a LITTLE bit too much about me. But I'd decided to embrace this as just double the friend, like just another annoying brother I have.

It's not so bad after all.

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