Sunday, 11 April 2010

To my faithful readers..

To my faithful reader, the whole one of you, Miss Simone, this is a post for you.
Sorry I haven't blogged lately, I will endeavor to spice up your work day with my inane banter more regularly from now on.
Make some comments while you're at it.
El xx


harbourmaster said...

I like your banter too! Hey where can I see photos of your grad collection?

baaarooke said...

Ummm... Simone is not your only reader :)

simone_emu said...

I also now have blogspot.
Let's wait to see how long it takes me to either be completely hooked....or totally bored.
Thanks for the post dedicated to me!

Eloise said...

Thanks Guys!
Triple the readership I expected.
I'll have to make an effort to post a bit more often I think.

You can see my grad collection in bits and pieces.

This is the 3rd year 2006 website I'm in also.