Saturday, 6 March 2010

10 best presents

I recently found a letter from my BFF stating that the gift I gave her that year was 'in the top 10 presents she'd ever received'.

So here are mine in no particular order.

My Sony Walkman. I was 10, and I pretty much shit bricks when I opened it. All time fave present.

Some Gingham flats an ex boyfriend brought me. Yes not a big gift, but he spotted them all on his own, and at the time I often wondered did he actually understood me at all. Briefly after I put on those shoes, I thought he did.

Handmade gift number one. Cat.
Nothing says love like handmade. I got this for my 21st and carried it around at uni the next day.

Handmade gift number two. Photo frame.
Given to me by a girl I'm not too close to, but I just thought what a rad idea. Yet again handmade stuff rules.

Handmade gift number three. Book.
Also made lovingly for my 21st by the ULTRA talented Nat Martin, a fellow design grad of mine. Hand bound people!

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