Friday, 27 March 2009

Soundwave Parts B-D

Ok so Soundwave was a month ago, but I'll bring you up to speed.

I wake up in Brisbane with a might hangover, Ok so I might be a bit drunk.
Go to that Mall that is all the go and have a sit down. An hour might have past I couldn't tell you.
I finally get up, and decide to check out whats beyond this giant river surrounding the town. BIG Bridge later I discover Southbank, which houses alot of Tourists/Museums and Uni's. ( Oh I Brisbane buildings are rad, very colonial.)

Go check out the Feach ( Fake/ Faux Beach- A term I picked up from my American kids), who builds a fake beach with real sand I do not know.
Go check out the Gallery of Modern Art, was too hungover in the feach to give this much time or See the classic art gallery. This sucks balls as GoMA was actually amazing. Such a good modern art space, nothing like Acca in Melbs, the average punter could get the art here. And had some cool people showing, like Del Kathryn Barton and Patricia Piccinnini. Rad. And they had signs for kids, and kids eye level, that explained the art in kids terms. My hungover brain finds these more helpfull. Also must note that there's a contemporary aborignal section, not dot paintings but actual contemporary art, made by people of Aboriginal decent. Take note again Victoria!

So I get off to the hostel, and bid Brisbane farewell. It's around this time that epic hangover just turns into general tiredness. WAHH!!!

Go see Bayside Sideshow.
Was a decent night. Went with my Jagoe sibling buddies and their love for Andrew McMahon was infectious. Bayside only played five songs, but that included Duality and a NOFX cover, always good times with these guys.
Jacks Mannequin = Really good, and we were mega close. FTSK got the crowd going. Red jumpsuit were ok, NFG were in the crowd.
Left mid set to get sleep for the next big day, see Jordan from New Found Glory (surrounded by groupies/skanks) and say hi and I'll see you tomorrow, like we are mates from way back. Jordan gives me the thumbs up.
I nearly died!!!

Part D

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