Sunday, 17 May 2009

Job Hunting

So as it is, I am without a (Grad) job, and and without a boyfriend, though the later doesn't sadden me, finding prospects is very similiar.
It's been done before, but hey, he's my attack.

At first, you present your good side.
You want to look enthusiastic, but not desperate.
You want to look qualified, but not over-experienced.
You don't want to get your hopes up, so you play it cool. You are deeply crushed when things don't work out.
Post courtship, you settle into a pattern.
You make an effort with you appearance, get some new snazzy outfits, when its still new.
You quash your bad habits.
But eventually, one or the other gets tired of the other.
You start looking for better offers, scoping whats out there.
You sneak behind each others backs.
You start giving lackluster performances.
It ends, friends get involved and are forced to take sides. Belongings are returned, and we promise to keep in touch, but will we?

Then we begin this process all over again.

Yep it's been done. Things are a little depressing on the job hunt front.
Keep on Truckin'!

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