Monday, 9 April 2007

April Update.

WELL..... What is news?
We came second in the finals. Which is awesome. And we had moved up a division now! Hell yeah getting somewhere in the Cranbourne Ladies Monday nights..
Also, everything still tastes like Milk. I don't know what I do, I could eat curry or a banana, 20 minutes later I feel like I've drunk milk.
I've FINALLY stopped crying everyday, I think the turning point was at work ( Bad place) and the guy least likely to be nice was doing just that, so it cheered me up.
Still on the America posssibly more plan, but I have saved jack shit. So better knuckle down.
Saw New Found Glory last night, I wish I was a reviewer, that would be the best job, I don't want to do anything but see bands at the moment. I was about 1 metre away from being able to touch Jordan, fucking awesome.
The rest of the night picking up the boys from the city was pretty funny, turns out guys have bitch fights as well.

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