Sunday, 6 May 2007

Growing up

As my life continues further to implode, I realise more than ever that I need my friends, and I'm burning them by being the shit person I am write now.
Yet again I lost my phone, bag was stolen this time. I feel so high maintence, and I feel like I'm losing everything.
I shouldn't complain, stealing is shit but It happens, I'm not dying. I've had enough of falling of the top of the world I thought I was one, I've just gotta climb back up there, make a proper shot of being the person I want to be, not the person I once was, thats gone, but better, stronger, wiser I spose. Who I've been hates who I am. That's going to change as a 22 year old.
I feel that I have less and less to leave behind when I go away, no-ones going to miss me how I am. I don't have to stay stuck in this trap forever though. I hope.

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