Friday, 4 May 2007


Yet another whinging post. I feel like screaming. I cried again at work, I wanted to tell all my co-workers and apologise, say, NO really, I'm not like this, I didn't cry this much at my old work, the old Eloise wouldn't deal with it this way, I promise, don't think I'm pathetic, Really!!!
I don't want to be this sook with a chip on her shoulder about the person I used to be and how miserable I am and blah blah, but seriously, this year is just not getting better. I have no life except for work, where I thought I was valued,so now that has turned to shit when the manager went on holidays, so there's really not much left to my life right now.
It all started when a customer came in who I recognised, she had a Pakenham look about her, but I just gave her a smile. She then asked how my boyfriend was. Wtf?? Who was this woman? What boyfriend? Turns out it was Stuart's bosses wife, I can't believe I forgot. SO I say, Ah, no, he dumped me in January. I vaguely remember Stuart saying this lady was 'Very Sad' when she heard we broke up. AHH!!! More lies and full-of-shitness! Why!! So that rattled me.
And then....
The rosters come back, only to find that the new girl, nice as she is and all, has been given 30 hours and week and I've been cut back to 20. What the fuck once again?
I quickly become irate, I mean what the fuck I've worked there 6 months, is there no loyalty?
I could go into a million reasons why this happened, but the truth is I don't fuck know. Where is the love I ask?

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