Friday, 13 February 2009

Limbo Land...

So now we're graduates in Limbo Land as Rach puts it. We were don't know whats going to happen next...
My week in summary-
Caught up with my friends, twice this week and it was rather pleasant. We all understand the fashion life.
Which brings me to my next topic

Fuck I love it. This last month has just confirmed my love, I don't know why I doubted it and am OH SO greatfull I did 4th year. I am more interested more than ever in whats happening in Fashion Land, and Shock horror, one day I might have a budget for clothes that extends beyond the fountaingate.
(Special thanks for Lex for getting us into the LMFF Launch)

Oh how I've missed you! This town inspires me to no end, I mean Sydneys cool and all, but Melbourne just makes me want to be creative. And the Rosalie Gascoigne exhibition @ NGV, and Remaking Fashion @ NGV international were both tops.
After 4 years of study I can say I actually understand with titles on the Pieces mean (Well, the textiles wing at least) and I was sort of imagining how I would explain it if I had to. (Yes, still want to be a teacher one day)

And Gascoigne, what can I say, I felt it, the movement within the pieces, and the simple titles made so much sense.

Thats about it, Job front is looking promising, wish me luck!

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