Thursday, 4 December 2008

Blogging again

I thought I better fill in some blanks. I have alot of free time up my sleeve these days.
I finished Uni over two weeks ago, and haven't wrote in this thing in agessss.
I am feeling SO much better than now I've finished. No stress!
I'm not that ready to get a grad job yet, but if I haven't found one by March, thats when I'll start to panic. No Delta Goodrem Syndrome* here!
I've had a look around, and my mind needs to work out what it wants to do. Or my dream job needs to appear.
I think I need to re-asses my goals, and make plans.
Right now I have holiday plans. In no particular order I wish to-
-Catch up on Tv on DVD.
-Pay a large chunk of my credit card off. I haven't many shifts so this has been delayed. Tear.
-Catch up with friends. I seem to have lost a few this year. But some are just as awesome!
-Make clothes. 1st start, bathers.
-Make a kick-ass resume and business crap with cool graphics.
-Make Xmas cookies. Though I really don't feel like spreading the love at my place of work these days.
-Get Fit. Fashion makes you fat people!
-Make my america scrap book. It's only been 15 months!

Well that is my plan on non-action for the next chunk of my life before joining the adult world.

NB-* Delta Goodrem syndrome is the name I give for Gen Y feeling the intense pressure to succeed, ie, Career, House, Travel, Marriage, etc. at such a young age. Slow the fuck down kids! We've got our whole lives ahead of us.

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