Monday, 22 December 2008

2008, the year that was.

So it's time for the end of year wrap-up. What went down

Top 5 2008 moments
1. Graduation was pretty rad.
2. As was the Parade.
3. Queensland baby!
4. The day of my birthday, having cake at work.
5. Sydney

Top 5 Albums
1. Say Anything- In Defense of the Genre. Fuck this album simply blows my mind.
2. Coheed and Cambria- . I think it came out late '07, but I only bought it this year. So glad I did.
3. Less than Jake- GNV FLR. It's not amazing, but kills the pitfull previous release.
4. The Gaslight Anthem- The '59 Sound. Such romance and storytelling!
5. A tie between Bayside- Shudder, and Fall Out Boy- Folie a Duex.

Top Five Shows
1. Coheed and Cambria @ Billboards. Easily wins.
2. City and Colour @ Soundwave. Oh how we love you Dallas...
3. The Grates @ The HiFi. Yeah!
4. The Matches @ Soundwave. For owning the Offspring.
5. LCD Soundsystem at the Big Day Out. I was more us dancing like tools, which lead to a crowd forming around us, that made this show good.

Top 5 Predictions for 2009.
1. Soundwave is going to be killer. Twice!
2. Getting a grad job will also rule. When it happens.
3. Credit card gone in 12 months!
4. My car is going to die soon. But that means a new car!
5. New opportnities, friends and experiences.

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