Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Semester One

Is over. Well studio is anyway.
I can honestly say, that it was one of the hardest times, and there is more to come.
I am wrecked.
But after today I know it is worth it. I just need to catch up on sleep.
I have never been so alone during a semester. I needed someone to talk to more than ever, but have had the least contact with my friends.
Losing a best friend wasn't as hard as I imagined, not as sharp an instant as break-up. Will it be this way forever? Who knows, I don't know why it is yet, but I know I don't want to attempt to patch things up just yet. Negativity and a lack on understanding is not needed right now.
For the first time, ( with exception to my mum), I am truely a lone sole doing it by myself.

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