Saturday, 28 June 2008

Letter I cut and pasted

Dear Miss Simone
I thought I’d type you up a letter seeing as I’m not doing anything else. It’s 10:40 on a Saturday night and I’m doing nothing. It’s pretty sad. I’m not sure how it came to this but at least I am not wasting money and absorbing Kilojoules of beer. I got a heap on new music today so I will share with you. You might not dig it, but It will kill some time non the less.

How is sunny Queensland treating you? And the traineeship?  I think it’s a good thing what you’re doing, very character defining, something to tell your kids about one day. But as we were saying, you still get to have a life of your own .Speaking of lives, I really got to get one. I am going to turn into a hermit in a minute.It would be really cool if you came down. We could go and have a bit of a gig and ‘make out with babes’ and our wardrobes would double for the week.

I’m not sure what else to tell you. I think I told it all on the phone. I really wish I was in the states right now, everyone that went back to camp keeps writing about it on facebook, it’s depressing.

This letter is not going to be that uplifting, I’ll try to lift the mood.
I think I need some more good in my life, but only I can change that. Uni is such a drainer, I don’t think I could work at a place like Stussy for long. But yeah, the parade in September should be hella exciting, hopefully my work gets in the Herald Sun or something like that. That would rule

I am listening to City and Colour right now. Dallas! This music is just so amazing, Its not just because its Dallas of Alexis and he’s so pretty, because we play this CD and work, and my friend Shannon, who listens to Silverchair and Nova and the like, fell in love with it the first time she heard it and but it today. Well yes that’s a bit of random info for you!

Well I am beginning to ramble, so all I will say is I miss you like a limb, I can’t wait to we get to hang out again, and go for drives, my car misses you, and seeing as I don’t have a life we can take your parents out again!! Ha ha that was a good night. You’re lucky they’re pretty cool. I hope you’re doing ok in Yandaran, you have your fan club there, its always good when people dig your shit.  See you soon I hope
Love Eloise

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