Thursday, 10 January 2008

Wow its been a while.

So I thought I better update this.
This blog is fairly emo, mostly ramble about some dick of a guy who I didn't really dig in the first place. I could also ramble about how I met the man of my dreams, who took about a week to ditch me when I went to the states. But no, I'm actually feeling pretty good these days.
Still not to clear on the career front, work is starting to get old, their lack of consistency and loyal is disheartening and I am just about done. Which is good, I'm glad I came back, but I need to get a grad job.
I think I need to revise my new years resolutions.

- Re-invested time in friends, cut off those that don't invest in you.
- Lose America weight.
- Work out what I'm doing with my life. No pressure though, I'm sure alot of people think this.
- Become a netball and tennis pro.
- Re-gain the crazy Eloise.
- Buy one CD a week.
- Make something at least once a fortnight.


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